Fundraising Program

A creative, new and innovative fundraising option for your school, center, group or club.

Hankies are something that everyone needs!

Versatile, unique, suitable for all ages, attractive, functional, practical, long lasting and environmentally friendly… hankies represent “something a little different in fundraising.”

Fully guaranteed & easy to order with great, profit margins & prompt order returns for your organisation + FREE DELIVERY.

Boutique Heidi offers:

 - An easy way to raise funds for your school, center, group or club with a   simple ordering process requiring minimum effort on your part

 - Great profit margin on all hankies – designed to provide you with fantastic returns effort.

 - Prompt national FREE delivery service with 10 day turnaround

- Orders that are individually pre-packed and labelled with the original order for each customer- ready to hand out!

- Complete support by phone and email for fundraising groups

- A full guarantee based on the quality of our hankies

- Incentives program with FREE gifts for large orders

Interested? Contact us for Fundraising Information Kit  -

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