Boutique Heidi specialises in beautiful & unique Handkerchiefs for Women, Men, Women & Children.

Boutique Heidi's inception was developed through our wish to share our love of giving something special - The handkerchief. We have three sizes available for women, men & children. Each has their own name, purpose and style. 

We have two styles of Handkerchiefs:

 1. First is are made from beautiful fabrics including  from Organic, Australian, Japanese lawn, Liberty and our own fabric designs...... they are often limited editions making them truly unique. All are 100% Cotton with over locked edge.

2. Second is our white cotton handkerchiefs, designed by Boutique Heidi. Screen printed, with a hemmed edge and made by hand in China 

Every Handkerchief comes packaged (in a packet made from recycled paper) ready to give, our handkerchiefs are not perfect, they are hand made and each is individual.

We are an Australian company; where possible our hankies and packaging are manufactured in Australia and are environmentally friendly. Our mission is to ensure all packaging is beautiful yet minimal and made from recycled materials and we hope our packaging reduces the need for additional wrapping.


We all have memories from our childhood, mine are of my mother’s haberdashery shop, collecting pieces of fabrics from my Nanna and mother’s lives and sewing creations using an antique sewing machine or by hand with what I had collected. This is where my love of fabrics and handkerchiefs (hankies) began.

My mother has always given handkerchiefs to me since I was very young and I still have them, her mother gave them to her and her sisters, they have been a constant gift within our family.

I love handkerchiefs, a strong vibrant fabric you love that wouldn’t suit a large garment (or you wouldn’t wear!) can be used as a handkerchief. They are a small piece of fabric that say so many things; a handkerchief can be simple, elaborate, stylish, classic, funky - it can be a reflection of your personality or complete an outfit. They are an essential accessory, whenever you see someone with a nice hankie there is a sense of style. I never leave home without one! H x