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Be the Favourite child

Send your Mother Hankies this Mother's Day

Your mum will think you are a star!

when you give her Hankies this Mother's Day

Purchased for a Mother's Day present, impressed with the packaging! The Hankies and  designs are fab! My Mum will love her Mother's Day present! 


Soft fabrics, easy on the skin and pleasing


My go to Hostess and tank you gift. Always have Boutique Heidi hankies on hand in my present box


Make a difference

a simple gift can make so much difference to someone's day. You can put a smile on someone's face, create new memories and bring happiness to your friends and family by giving a handkerchief. 


my mother has always given me handkerchiefs since I was a child, they have been a constant gift within our family. Each handkerchief evokes its own special memories, I cherish every one. 

Staying on top

be that person who is self sufficient and always on top of things. You always have an ironed handkerchief your bag, or a present box filled with handkerchiefs ready to give, or a draw full of handkerchiefs because you don't use tissues any more. 

Hankie's & their Stories

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Origins of Mother's Day

Origins of Mother's Day

Origins of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this weekend as most of us know - 12 May and it is always a busy time of year for us at Boutique Heidi

I see so many people sharing their photos of themselves with their mum's or with their kids so nice to look back and see these moments in their lives and hear their stories. There is no much hype around days like Mother's Day and I dont like to buy into the commercialism of Mother's Day or similar days like Valentine's Day - which I am a big fan of! I am know for sending Secret Valentine card to my friends.

Hankies & their Stories 

Hankies & their Stories 

We will be holding our annual exhibition "Handkerchiefs & their Stories".It will be a showcase of Handkerchiefs from Hankie lovers in our commu...